GNLF leader attacked by miscreants in Kalimpong

It was reported that the GNLF leader was attacked by miscreants in Kalimpong. In Kalimpong, the GNLF leader Aditya Rai had gone for a football practice in the local area around 5:30 am this morning. It is alleged that during the same time, three miscreants attacked him with sharp weapons.

GNLF leader was seriously injured in the attack of miscreants. After this, the people of nearby areas reached the scene after hearing the screams,due to which the accused escaped from there.

People have admitted him in a seriously injured condition to a nursing home located at Siliguri's Sector Road. Right now he is undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, a complaint has been lodged to the police on behalf of Aditya Rai's family members, on the basis of which the police is investigating.

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