Garbage heap in front of shops, road blocked by traders of Mahabirsthan

Siliguri, 5th October: Garbage is being thrown in front of the shop in Siliguri, Mahabirsthan, due to which the traders and local people are facing problems. On Saturday, the outrage was seen among the locals when garbage was thrown by the Municipal Corporation.

The traders, then, blocked the road in Mahabirsthan. Meanwhile, the Police and the Borough Committee officials arrived at the scene, upon receiving information about the incident. Discussions were held with the traders, after which, the blockade was removed. The garbage was also cleaned from the spot by the Municipal Corporation.

The traders have alleged that the garbage remains in the spot for a long time. Problems are faced by the local residents and the traders as the remains release a foul smell causing discomfort to the people. Despite providing information in this regard at various places, no solution was obtained.

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