Gangrape convicts sentenced to life imprisonment

The Siliguri Additional District and Sessions Judge Fast Court has sentenced two people to life imprisonment for the gang rape of a young woman four years ago. Judge Devprasad Nath passed this verdict on Thursday. The names of the accused are Sanjay Karketta and Deepak Bhagat.

According to sources, Sanjay Karketta and Deepak Bhagat raped a young woman in Kalyanpur village of Siliguri adjacent Kharibari block on the night of February 14, 2015. On the next day of the incident, the victim filed a complaint in Kharibari police station. On the basis of the complaint, the police arrested both of them. Along with life imprisonment sentence, they were also charged a fine of one lakh rupees or another 6 months imprisonment.

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