Free Ambulance Service For Pregnant Women & Infants Starts In Coochbehar

The state government will be providing free ambulance services for pregnant women and infants up to 1 years of age in Coochbehar. 28 such ambulances have been given in Coochbehar district, out of which 20 were officially given to the hospitals today.

A special event for the same had been organized today, in which North Bengal Development Minister Rabindranath Ghosh, Forest Minister Binay Krishna Barman, MLA Mihir Goswami, Coochbehar District Council's General Secretary Pushpita Ray Dakua, District Magistrate Kaushik Saha, District Superintendent of Police Dr. Bholanath Pandey and District Health Officer Sumit Ganguly were also present. 


During the time, Minister Rabindranath Ghosh shared that the ambulances will also carry people who can help the women if they go into labour in the ambulance. A toll free number will also be announced for summoning the free ambulances.

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