Four women beaten by villagers on suspicion of child theft

The villagers were accused of beating up four women on suspicion of stealing a child. The incident is of Daukimari of Dhupguri block. The names of injured women are Mamta Barman, Sarathi Sahani, Payal Das and Geeta Das. For the past few days, rumors of child theft have spread in the entire Jalpaiguri district. Awareness camps are also being organized at different places, despite this it is of no use.

On Monday, the villagers stopped two women in the Daukimari area of Dhupguri, on the basis of suspicion of stealing children. It is alleged that women were stripped and they were assaulted. On the other hand, after some time since the incident, people near the Kumlai Bridge of Dhupguri, two women were stopped again in the suspicion of stealing children. Here, after getting information about the incident, Dhupgudi police immediately reached the spot and brought all the four women in the police station. In the interrogation, Payal Das told that she is a resident of Siliguri and works from one village to another to sell clothes.

On the other hand, Mamta Burman and her neighbor, Gita Das, went to Daukimari to collect money from a private organisation. Both of them were drinking water standing in a shop in Daukimari. That is when people came and accused them of stealing children, stripped them and started beating them up. Dhupguri Police is investigating the incident.

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