Former judge of High Court to review incident of racist remarks

Allegations have been raised of saying racist remarks against a Bangla Professor of North Bengal University. The responsibility for the investigation of this incident has now been handed over to former High Court Judge Justice Pranab Chattopadhyay. After a meeting at the University of E.C. Committee on Friday, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Sumiresh Bhattacharya told the above point.

It is noted that some months ago, allegations were made of racist remarks against Professor Manjula Bera of North Bengal University. Demand for proper investigation of this incident was raised by the students a few days ago. An atmosphere of unrest also arose in the university. A dispute also broke out between the students and the employees of the university.

A separate committee has also been formed in this regard. In the meeting held on Friday it was decided that the former Judge will conduct an independent investigation of the incident.

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