Former councilor’s house in Siliguri’s 12 number Ward robbed

Chaos spread in the area after it was informed that a robbery took place early morning in the house of Utpal Ranjan Sarkar, who was a former municipal corporator residing in Bhutia Market adjacent to 12 number ward of Siliguri Municipal Corporation.

Local people immediately gave the news of theft to the Panitanki check post. It is reported that when the incident took place there was no one present in the house.

Taking advantage of this, the thieves looted the house at large. On receiving the news of the incident, the ward committee members, including number 12 ward councilor Nantu Pal, reached the spot.

At the same time, the councilor said that neighbors gave the information to the police seeing the lock of the house broken. He also said that the former councilor’s house had been vacant for two to three days and the whole family had gone out for a vacation. Take advantage of this, the robbery was executed.

The thieves have emptied many things in the house. They said that a robbery of around 5 lakhs has been committed. At the same time, the police is investigating the case after the incident.

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