Footpath Encroachment By Shop Owners Creates Troubles In Dhupguri

The threat of road accident always looms over Dhupguri because of the numerous vehicles that are parked along its national highway. Despite this, the administration fails to wake up from their slumber to address the issue of encroachment. 

Around 4 kms away from the Dhupguri College is a footpath which has been taken over by shop owners to such an extent that their goods hardly leave any space for the pedestrians to walk. It has also been alleged that whenever the police comes to remove these shops, they still come around after a couple of days. 




Sacks of potatoes and the like take up more than half the space of the footpath. For un-loading the goods, the vehicles are parked right on the road; which creates traffic issues in the area. 

In connection to this, the Chairman of Dhupguri Municipality, Rajesh Singh, shared that the Municipality and the police are working closely to tackle the problem of encroachment and that a meeting will also be held for the same soon. 

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