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Food License: Siliguri Municipal Corporation starts campaign

In the whole city of Siliguri, Canteen, hotels and various shops are being run without any food license. Only after getting the instructions, the officials of Siliguri Municipal Corporation have stepped up and started a campaign against this.

On Friday morning the municipal officials ran a campaign in some shops adjacent to Suryasen Park, including a canteen of Siliguri and a chips shop located at Pakurtala Mod, during which they did not get food license from anywhere. All shop owners have been told to show food licenses within a few days or else the penalty will be initiated against them.

The SMC’s Food Inspector Ganesh Bhattacharya said that there are many shops in Siliguri whose owners do not have a food license. We are speeding up the campaign against such stores. We have given some specific time to everyone, within which they will have to show food licenses or legal steps will be taken against them.

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