Five cartons of banned firecrackers seized from Dhupguri Bus Terminus

The Dhupguri police has impounded a large number of restricted firecrackers from Dhupguri bus terminus on Wednesday evening. It is known that yesterday afternoon the staff of the Terminus immediately started miking after noticing five big cartons lying there for a prolonged time at the Bus Terminus passenger shed. Civic Volunteers arrived at the spot after listening to the announcement.

Even after hearing the announcement, when no one came forward to claim it, the incident was reported to the police station. Prior to the Poojas, such kind of incidents involving unclaimed boxes from the bus terminus has created an atmosphere of unrest. Upon receiving the information about the incident, the police reached the spot. It was found that the boxes contained crackers after carefully inspecting it.

Police estimate that the firecrackers may have been brought here in the bus. But whoever had to come and claim these boxes could not reach it. Even before they could be sold in the shop, the police seized the said firecrackers.

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