Fines to be imposed on people littering Siliguri city's environment and rivers

Siliguri Municipal Corporation has become stringent about keeping Siliguri city's surroundings and rivers clean. A campaign has been started in the entire city since Saturday.

It is known that if people are seen littering the city's rivers and surroundings, they will be fined. Fines ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 1 lakh can now be imposed on the people caught littering.

A campaign was started by the officials of Siliguri Municipal Corporation in front of Mahananda River on Saturday morning. During this time, many people were caught red handed throwing garbage in the river and they were fined. Many people who went to the shore on the banks of Mahananda river apologized for their mistake, while some people were seen instead arguing with the officers.

Everyone caught guilty were fined today. On the other hand, according to information received from the Siliguri Municipal Corporation sources, anybody seen causing obstruction in this municipal campaign, strict measures will be taken against them.

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