Financial Support By Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre For Higher Education Of Meritorious Students From Financially Deprived Families

Neotia Getwel towards its commitment to the society today launched a special programme to support the cause of higher education of meritorious students from financially deprived families in association with Matigara Social Welfare Organisation.

There could not be a better day than this auspicious day of ‘Mahalaya’ to launch this programme where the entire country is getting into the mode of celebrating one of the biggest festival of the country in worshiping of Goddess Durga. Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre takes the pledge to prepare for a stronger and educated society through empowering the women.

Neotia Getwel has taken a step forward for uplifting of bright and promising students who are really in need of financial support to establish their future career and support them with their yearly study material. Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre will provide such support support to twelve bright students of Matigara Harasundar Girls High School, Matigara who wants to peruse their graduation course in Arts Stream.

The idea is to provide women empowerment and to create a healthy society.

Neotia Getwel wishes to persue the programme every year to support such a noble cause.

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