Farmers sit on a Dharna demanding back their lands

Cooch behar, 5th August

The members of the Cooch behar North Vidhansabha Mahishbathan ‘Jameen Raksha Committee’ sat on a Dharna outside the North Bengal Development Minister, Rabindra Nath Ghosh’s house demanding their lands back. The local Farmers have alleged that around 70 Bighas of land, belonging to the farmers of the Mahishbathan region, have been forcefully occupied by the Trinamool Congress leaders for the construction of houses.

Deepankar Dev from the ‘Jameen Raksha Committee’ mentioned that a written complaint has been lodged with the Police Administration for the said issue many times, but it was all in vain which is why the people have started to protest.

On the other hand, the North Bengal Development minister, Rabindra Nath Ghosh mentioned that the Dharna was staged by the people of BJP. He has advised that if the lands have been occupied then they should seek help from the administrators.

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