Excise Department and Bagdogra Police Campaign, 1 thousand litres of illicit liquor seized

In the Bagdogra area, Excise Department and Baghdogra police launched a joint campaign on Friday and seized a lot of illegal liquor from Panaullah Jot jungle.

According to the information received from the police sources, the West Bengal Excise Department had received reports from secret sources that illegal liquor was hidden in Panaullah area under the Baghdogra police station. After which, in the afternoon, the campaign was launched and alcohol was seized in huge quantities.

About 1000 liters of illicit liquor was seized under the campaign. This illicit liquor was kept hidden in the jungle bushes. Along with this, the spirit used in 200 litres of liquor has also been seized.

Police and Excise Department are also conducting search operations in the area but no one has been arrested so far. The police is investigating the whole case.

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