Environmental lovers warn to hold a Movement if use of plastic bags does not stop in Siliguri

There have been allegations of indifference against the municipal corporation in the area for ​​discontinuing use of plastic carrybags.

Against this, the city's environmental lovers and academicians have warned of launching a Movement. A memorandum has been handed over to the Commissioner of Siliguri Municipal Corporation on behalf of Siliguri Parivesh Bachao Forum.

Along with this, members of this Forum also met Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya. Speaking to the media, Environmentalist Animesh Basu said that plastic carrybags have been prohibited for a long time in Siliguri and we have also landed on the roads many times to stop using plastics. Despite this, due to administrative negligence, the use of plastic carry bags has not been stopped. That's why, today, we have told the officials of the Municipal Corporation to stoo the practice of using plastic carrybags, otherwise a greater movement will be started by environmental lovers.

In this regard, Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya said that efforts are being made to stop the use of plastic carry bags by making an action plan for three months.

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