Elephant's calf found in the murti division of Maitiali Tea Garden

An elephant's calf has been found in the Murti division of the Maitiali Tea Garden in Malabazar. The left foot of the said elephant has an injury. It is known that on Monday night, a herd of elephants from Chapramari Jungle had entered the Chaibagan in search of food.

The primary estimation of forest workers is that the cub may have been seperated from its mother from the same herd, after which the elephant and elephant's calf were seen roaming around in the tea plantation area. The garden workers told that the elephant was trying to take its child towards the forest, but the elephant's calf was unable to walk. Later, the elephant left its child and headed towards the forest.

On the other hand, on getting the information of the incident, forest workers of Khuneya Range reached the spot and took the child of the said elephant to Gorumara Elephant Pilkhana. It is reported that the elephant's child was undergoing treatment.

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