Elections tomorrow, election personnel and Central Security Force arrive at polling booths

The election personnel have started arriving to the polling booths for the Islampur by-elections. All the 217 polling booths of Islampur assembly constituency have started all preparations for polling. The election personnel and Central Forces will be arriving at the polling stations by Saturday, late evening.

Presiding officers and election workers have left to the booths from the Distributor-Receiving Center, made at Islampur College, carrying EVM machines and voting materials.

The election personnel, Presiding Officers and security forces were sent from buses and smaller vehicles to various booths. All election workers and officials have started reaching the booths in urban areas besides the booths in Ramganj, Matikunda, Patagola, Jagta village Gunjaria etc. in Islampur assembly area.

District Superintendent of Police Kartik Chandra Mandal said that besides the 10 companies of the Central Security Force, the officers and jawans of the State Police have been engaged in adequate number of election jobs.

According to information from sources, special monitoring will be done at 39 sensitive booths. Apart from adequate security forces at the booths, an arrangement of petroleum has also been done, which will monitor the security of the area.

Not only this, the Quick Response Team of the Central Security Force will also be active so that if news of any major discrepancies arises from anywhere, the team can reach the spot and handle the situation on time.

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