Elderly’s painful death in elephant attack in Nagarkata

An old man died in an elephant attack in Sukani Basti, located at Nagarkata Block. The deceased has been identified as Birbal Rai (65).

According to information from local sources, Birbal Rai had gone out for a walk after eating hus meal at around 10 pm on Wednesday night. At the same time suddenly a trunked elephant attacked him. Birbal Rai tried to run away to save his life, however the elephant crushed him with his feet, causing his death on the spot.

Meanwhile, it is alleged that even after giving information about the incident, no one from Nagarkata Sukhani BIT arrived at the spot, due to which there was considerable resentment in the local people. The angry public protested for a long time by encroaching the BIT office.

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