Elderly dies in road accident in Cooch Behar

An elderly person had a painful death in a painful road accident in Jamaldah area under Mekhaliganj Mahkuma in Cooch Behar district.

The name of the deceased was stated as Vipin Roy Majhi (55). He was a resident of Dadikamadi area of ​​Mekhaliganj. It is known that Vipin Roy was going on his bicycle on Saturday, when a vehicle hit his bicycle, causing him to be seriously injured.

The family members of the deceased alleged that a lot of time after the incident, no one came forward to help the elderly. When Vipin Roy Majhi was taken to a local hospital after a long time, the doctors there referred him to Mekhaliganj Mahakuma Hospital.

Vipin Roy Majhi was declared dead by the doctors there. The family members of the deceased say that if Vipin Rai was taken to Jalpaiguri or Cooch Behar soon after the incident, then his life could have been saved. The police is investigating the incident.

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