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Efforts to kidnap a girl in Siliguri by feeding biscuits

In Siliguri a school girl was attempted to be kidnapped by feeding biscuits. A wave of questions has arised about the incident. The incident occurred at the Shriguru Vidyamandir School of Champaseri in Siliguri.

It has been learned that this fifth grade student, even after the school was discharged, did not reach home, and her mother came to school and informed the teachers about it. Shortly after this, the student’s mother got a phone call from a relative that her daughter was found in Court Mod. The child was bought to the family members.

After questioning the student, many shocking things were revealed. The school student told that when she was returning home from school, a young man was standing on the road, with a handkerchief on his face. The young man was threatening to kill her and wanted to feed the biscuit. On being bound, the student took and ate the biscuit.

After this, the student does not remember what happened. When she awoke, she saw that she was near Court Mod. From there, the child went to a relative’s house. After that the relative told the student’s mother everything. Meanwhile, the Pradhannagar police has started investigating the entire incident.

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