Drinking Water Connections Launched In Coochbehar

Drinking water connections are now being provided in each house by the Coochbehar Municipal Corporation to ensure that each person can have access to clean drinking water.

The inauguration of the new service was done by the Chairman of the Coochbehar Municipality, Bhushan Singh, on Sunday.

"The work for the drinking water scheme had commenced from 2011 in Shantivan of the Municipality's Ward 10; for which the water was being sourced from the Torsha River and was treated before it was deemed fit for consumption. The work had been started off by the former Chairman of the Municipality, Viren Kundu," shared Chairman Bhushan Singh.

A total of Rs. 47 crores have been invested in the project, which is now at the final stage of completion. As soon as the line connections are set up, the supply for the drinking water will reach the houses.

The water supply will be provided with the equation of 90 litres per person.

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