Dooars' Kalchini and Raimatang Tea Estates shut down a day before Diwali

Dooars, 26th October: Diwali is just a day away. But the festival of lights has been dimmed by a gloomy shadow as the Kalchini and Raimatang tea estates have been shut down by the Buxa Dooars Tea Company.

According to sources, the plantation management left the estates last night without giving any notice. Unaware of their departure, the workers reached the tea garden this morning for a normal workday but they were only welcomed by the closed gates. Flustered with anger and disappointment, the workers staged a protest by burning tires at the Kalchini Nimati More.

On getting information about the incident, the BDO Bhushan Sherpa of Kalchini and MP John Barla rushed to the spot and met with the workers. After sharing a word or two, the situation came under control. Due to this sudden shutdown, over 3000 workers are left unemployed.

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