Doctor & Staff Play Blame Game Over Patient At Coochbehar MJN Hospital

A doctor and a staff of the MJN Hospital of Coochbehar were allegedly blaming each other over a patient today. The patient has been recognized as Mappi Bibi.

Mappi is a resident of Pilkhana in Guriahati Gram Panchayat, Coochbehar-1. She stated that she had gone to the hospital for treatment. The doctor, Shubhmay Chakrabarty, checked her and told her to bring a card for the medicines.

It has been alleged that when Mappi went to take the card, the hospital staff, Chanchal Kumar, did not behave appropriately and refused to give the card. He sent her back to the doctor.


On the other hand, Chanchal denied the allegations and said that it was the responsibility of the doctor. Dr. Shubhmay Chakrabarty stated that he had done his work.

The patient had to face difficulty due to the conflict between the doctor and the staff.

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