District Magistrate inspects ration shops

Malda, 18th October: The District Magistrate of Malda, Koshik Bhattacharya, conducted a surprise inspection at the ration shops this morning. According to the information received, the District Magistrate and the officials of the Food Department arrived at the ration shops of various villages of Old Malda including Habibpur to inspect them, this morning.

During the inspection, the District Magistrate also interacted with the customers of the ration shops. Customers mentioned that the ration service of the present government is very good. The Ration dealers, however, expressed outrage. They mentioned that the income earned in the form of commission by selling rations is very less.

They have pleaded to the government to solve the said problem. In this regard, the District Magistrate Koshik Bhattacharya stated that there might be some problems in the other areas but there is no problem in the ration system.

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