Dhupguri School Girl Saves Herself From Child Marriage, Reports Parents To Police

A 16 year old girl saved herself from child marriage in Dhupguri as her parents were trying to get her married. The minor named Suman (name changed) is a madhyamik student of the Dhupguri Vidyashram School.

Suman went to the Dhupguri Police Station and informed the officials about her ordeal. Sources shared that Suman’s parents were going to get her married in Kamakhyaguri before, but the locals managed to stop the wedding.

Next, the parents took Suman to Assam for her getting her married there. She fled to the residence of a neighbour on Sunday night since the groom’s family had planned to come on Monday for seeing her. She went to the residence of her teacher and a former MLA and told them about the entire episode.

Suman also went to the Dhupguri police and shared that she wants to continue her education instead of getting married. The police called Suman’s parents and reminded them that the law does not allow girls to be married off before they get to 18 years of age.

The parents tried to take Suman home later, but she decided to stay at the teacher’s residence.

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