Dengue on a rise in the city due to SMC negligence: Ranjan Sarkar

Siliguri, 10th October: During a press conference held today, Ranjan Sarkar (Darjeeling district Trinamool Congress President and the opposition leader of SMC) stated that mosquito-borne diseases like dengue are on a rise in the city due to the negligence of Siliguri Municipal Corporation in maintaining proper hygiene.

He stated that water has been accumulating in various places of the city, especially in the under-construction buildings and the SMC is taking no step to prevent it. He further stated that neither bleaching powder is being sprayed nor fogging machine is being used on behalf of SMC.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Rambhajan Mahato mentioned that such statements were completely baseless. He further mentioned that such statements were being used only to confuse the common people as all necessary steps were being taken in every ward.

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