Demonstration outside Coochbehar DM's offfice in support of 4 point demands

A protest was held in front of the office of Coochbehar District Collector by the people living in Dinahata Settlement Camp, which came from Bangladesh during the Chhitmahal transfer. In the Settlement Camp, the said protest was performed in support of 4 point demands including police security arrangements. After getting information about the incident, Kotwali Police reached the spot, explained to the people and got a meeting arranged with the district collector. After getting the assurance from the district administrator, those people stopped their demonstration.

It is known that on July 31, 2015, a Chhitmahal transfer was made between India and Bangladesh. At that time, about 1000 people came to India, some of whom are now living in various settlement camps in Coochbehar district. It is alleged that this settlement of Dinhhata has become the base for some gangsters in the camp. At present, there is no police protection system available here, which has led to the increase of activity of the miscreants here.

It is known that in June this year, a minor was also missing from here, after which it was later discovered that a young man from Bangladesh took her along with him. Complaints were also filed in this regard with the police, but there was no outcome. That is why the people of the camp are sitting on a protest in front of the District Collector's office in support of the 4-point demands.

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