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Couple gets murdered mysteriously in Siliguri

A case of murder of two people in Bagdogra of Siliguri has emerged. The names of the deceased Ajay Khuswah and Meena Khuswah. This sensational incident took place on Saturday night. It is known that both of them are residents of Sukantnagar of Bagdogra. Ajay Khasahuva used to work in catering.

On Saturday night some employees returned home from work and after calling out to Ajay several times he was not responding. Eventually a person went inside the house and saw that Ajay was lying upside down in a room and had an injury on his head. After this, it was seen in the second room that Ajay’s wife Meena was lying in a pool of blood on the bed. Both her kids were sleeping next to her.

On receiving the information about the incident, Bagdogra police reached the spot and recovered both the dead bodies. However, no weapons have been recovered from the house. The cupboard was left open. Police have taken some people along with them to the police station for questioning.

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