Coochbehar Woman Caught For Running Sex Racket From Home, Publicly Beaten

A woman who resides in the Kalabagan locality of Ward 3 in Coochbehar city had been accused of running a sex racket from her house since a long time. Last night, the locals of the area caught her red-handed and subjected her to mob justice. 

Two men were found with the woman when she was caught. The three were thrashed by the locals and the men were made to wear a garland of shoes around their neck as the trio was paraded around in the area. 

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The residents of the locality revealed that the accused woman, Menka Ghosh, had lost her husband in an accident around two years back. It has been alleged that she was running a prostitution business from her residence ever since then.

Despite being warned by the neighbours, Menka did not steer away from the business and continued receiving clients at her residence frequently. 

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Last night, the neighbours broke into her house around 2am and found her with both the men; following which they assaulted the culprits and walked them around with the garlands of shoes before turning them over to the police.

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