Coochbehar Takagachh Kishore Sangha Pathaghar Durga Puja Committee will highlight the history of the pyramid of Egypt civilization

In the history we have read about the pyramids of the Egyptian civilization, but we were never fortunate to see these Egyptian objects. Cooch Behar residents will be able to see the pyramids of Egyptian civilization in Durga Puja this time and will also be enlightened about its history.

Coochbehar Takagachh Kishore Sangha Pathaghar Durga Puja Committee, is building their pandal based on the Egyptian pyramids. Under the Rajahat Gram Panchayat of Coochbehar-2 number Block, Takagachh Kishore Sangha Pataghar Durga Puja Committee makes something different for their visitors every year. This is the 57th year of Durga Puja Committee.

This time their Puja budget is Rs. 20 lakhs. Club members hope that this time too their pooja pandal will show attract a huge crowd of visitors.

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