Coochbehar Police Acts Against Illegal Opium Farming

The Coochbehar Police executed a special operation against the illegal farming of opium in the district today under the leadership of District Superintendent of Police, Dr. Bholanath Pandey. 

Opium grown over 8 bighas of land was destroyed today that was found during the operation along the riverside in South Chapaguri of Madhupur Gram Panchayat, Coochbehar-2 Block. 


DSP Dr. Bholanath Pandey stated that the operations were executed since they had received reports about opium being illegally grown in the district. However, no arrests have been made in connection to the case so far. 

At present, search operations are being carried out. It is being presumed that the opium is smuggled to other states from Coochbehar.

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