Coochbehar Man To Get Power Of Attorney & Guardianship Of Disabled Son

For the first time in Coochbehar district, a man will be given the power of attorney and guardianship of his disabled son under the National Trust Act 1999. 

The man, Lalit Jhanvar, is a resident of Dinhata sub-division. He submitted the appeal to make decisions for his son, Shubham Jhanvar, today to the District Magistrate Kaushik Saha.

DM Kaushik Saha shared that Shubham is 25-years old physically disabled man who is unable to take any decisions, legal or otherwise, by himself. He also stated that other people can also make an appeal to him if they want to take up guardianship or the power of attorney for a disabled relative under the National Trust Act 1999. 

It takes around a month for the applying individual to be officially awarded with the power of attorney and guardianship.


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