Complaint Filed Against Two For Circulating Fake Pic Of Royal Bengal Tiger

A complaint has been filed by the forest department at the Kalchini Police Station accusing two people of circulating a fake picture of a Royal Bengal Tiger on social media.

The culprits have been recognized as Surjit Dutt and Uday Samaddar. Kalchini Police Station's OC, Lakpa Lama, shared that one of them hails from Alipurduar while the other is from Damanpur.

On March 10, three pictures had been posted on Facebook with the claim that a Royal Bengal Tiger was spotted in front of the Shikari Gate in Rajabhatkhawa. The pictures went viral and made people believe that there was a Royal Bengal Tiger in the region, despite of the fact that no proof of the same has ever been found in Buxa Forests.

The DFO of Buxa Tiger Reserve, Kalyan Rai, shared that the picture did not match the location when it was investigated by the forest department officials. Furthermore, it has not even been specified if the two accused men actually captured the tiger spotting with their own camera.

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