Commotion due to cow burglary in Cooch Behar, enraged mob breaks police van

There was an atmosphere of heavy tension and unrest due to a scuffle between police and the public over the incident of cow theft in Cooch Behar's Dhalpal. Enraged by the whole issue, the mob broke a total of three vehicles including two vans of the police.

According to sources, three policemen were injured in this incident. Besides, three journalists who had come to gather the news of the incident were also injured.

In the details of the incident, it has been stated that for many days, incidents of cow burglary were increasing in the area. In this regard, complaints were made to the police several times, but local people have alleged that the police did not take any action. In the same area on Friday, a person was caught on suspicion of being a cow thief and his vehicle was set on fire by the angry crowd. As soon as the police reached the spot, a huge scuffle started between the villagers and the police.

Police started a lathi charge to calm down the situation, causing more unrest. It is alleged that the police was attacked after this.

In the incident, two policemen, including OC Soumala Aich of Tufanganj police station, were seriously injured. However, the villagers have denied executing the attack.

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