Civic police rescues tourist drowning in Dudhia river


A young man who had come with his family from Bangladesh for touring was rescued from drowning by the Panighata Civic police. Giving this information, OC Tapan Das of the Panighata police station told that the said tourist family who had come from Bangladesh had come down from roaming around in Darjeeling and was staying in Dudhia.

On the banks of the Dudhia river, a 26 year old man Anjan Roy from the family slipped his foot on a rock and fell into the river. Due to the strong currents on the water flow in the river, the youth floated far away. Meanwhile, on duty Civic Police Muskaan Roy's eyes fell on the floating in the river, he immediately jumped into the river and pulled the young man out of the water.

Shri Das told that this effort done by the Civic Police is commendable. At the same time the young man's parents also praised the Civic police.

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