Chief Minister’s intervention requested to reopen Rajganj’s factory

Siliguri, June 18 (Kalyan Chand) : In order to re-open a factory shut down for the last 4 months in Rajganj’s Kartoa, the industrialists’ organization sought help from the Chief Minister.

On seeing that no solution was provided from the local level meetings that were being held frequently, the people now have demanded the Chief Minister’s intervention. On 14th June, the members of the organization contacted the Chief Minister via an e-mail.

It is alleged that due to the meddling of some local members of Trinamool Congress, one of Rajganj’s Budleaf Factory had been closed for four months. While the factory owner suffered financial losses due to the closure of the factory, the workers of the factory are under crisis too.

The Secretary of North Bengal Industries Association, Surajeet Paul, mocked the Chief Minister of promoting to work towards the elevation of the tea industry, while on the other hand, the rowdyism of few of her party leaders are resulting in shutting down of factories. In this way new industries will not be established, Pal added. He further maintained that despite meeting with the local MLAs a number of times, the problem was not resolved therefore, resulting in the demand for an intervention by the Chief Minister.

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