Chief Minister statements in Naxalbari

Today, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed a public meeting in Naxalbari of Siliguri Sub division. In the public meeting, several leaders and workers such as Minister Gautam Deb, Binay Tamang along with other leaders from the hills and plains were present.

Addressing the public meeting, Chief Minister said that:
• Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat is a proud seat for us. For this seat, Amar Singh Rai, the candidate this time, is Amar Singh Rai Bhumiputra. We do not want riots, disputes or scuffles here.
• We do not want a leader who goes and sits in Delhi. We want a working leader.
• By being together, we can work together. If the hills will be fine, then the plains will also be fine.
• In spite of not winning in Matigara, Phansidewa and Siliguri, we have done work there as well. The Chief Minister said that she loves everyone.

Highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government at the Center, the Chief Minister said that
• Before last elections, it was said that all tea gardens will be opened but nothing like this has happened.
• Before the last Lok Sabha election, it was said that Gorkhaland will be formed for the hill residents, but no development work has been done on the hills after that. Till date they haven't even turned back and looked back at the hills.
• We respect the real Chowkidar, but we do not support the fake Chowkidar.

Apart from this, the Chief Minister said that:
• We have implemented several projects like Bengal Safari and Bhorer Aalo. Land for Bagdogra Airport has also been given.
• The University has been built in the hills.
• There will be no discrepancy in the hills and the plains.
• We bring peace to the hills while BJP and CPI (M) Congress sets fire to it.
• Please do not waste your votes by supporting CPI (M) and Congress.
• Those who have not done anything in the last five years, they will not do anything further either.
• Central agencies are being to hired to investigate the opposition and scare them away.
• All will stay together.

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