Chairperson of Primary School Parliament visits various schools of Cooch Behar

Chairperson of the Primary School Parliament, Kalyani Poddar visited different schools under Toofanganj 1 and 2 number blocks on Friday.

She also addressed the students and teachers. Kalyani Poddar went to various schools listened to various problems faced by the students.

At the same time, there were allegations that teachers in some schools come late and that the mid-day meals were not offered properly.

In this regard, it was assured that proper measures will be taken. Also a show-cause notice was given to the Principals of many schools. Chairperson of the Primary School Parliament Kalyani Poddar, after observing a total of 15 schools, said that some schools have problems such as delayed attendance of teachers while some have issues regarding mid-day meals, which will be rectified.

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