Businessman accused of misbehaviour with a woman in Siliguri

The judge has directed businessman Sanjay Bansal to interim bail on charges of indecent behavior towards a woman.

A few days ago, a businessman was accused of misbehaviour with a woman in Siliguri's Sevoke Road for allegedly parking the car. In connection with the incident, a complaint was filed in Siliguri police station, after which the police arrested Sanjay Bansal on Saturday.

He was presented in the Siliguri court on Sunday. Standing in the witness box, the businessman told the judge that "I am innocent. I am being framed." There is a CCTV footage from morning till 8 'O' clock at night of the events of the day, in which there is no evidence of the incident. Later, the judge directed the interim bail for the accused on the condition of payment of fine worth 1,000 rupees.

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