BSF Gifts Health, Study & Sports Items To Chopra Locals

Under the civic action programme, items of health, study and sports were gifted to the locals of Balabari in Chopra by the 109th Battalion of the BSF. 

Commandant L.K.K. Lal led the soldiers in the event. Keeping the residents' health in mind, an IRF plant was set up at Balabari Primary School and free medicines were distributed among the people.

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A multimedia projector, laptop, three computer sets and study materials were given to the young adults to develop their skills. A volleyball, football, flying disk, skipping ropes and carom boards were given too. 

Commandant L.K.K. Lal shared that Arun Kumar Paswan, Second Commandant Officer, other officials, school children and the villagers attended the event.

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