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“Border-Area Residents Must Cooperate With SSB”- Mrityunjay Kumar

A meeting was called by the SSB at their Dangujot camp with the people that reside in and near the border areas.

During the time, Dangujot SSB In-Charge Mrityunjay Kumar addressed the people and said that along with taking care of their safety, the SSB always keeps a good bond with the border-area residents; which is why it is the people’s duty to cooperate with the SSB.

Mrityunjay Kumar told the people that they should inform the SSB if they get to know about any trafficking, smuggling or other anti-social activities that would be taking place. In connection to the robberies that have been occurring in the villages, the people were told to alert the SSB if they notice anyone suspicious in their area. 

In the meeting, the people were requested to not tread on or encroach the no man’s land area. Mrityunjay Kumar also made an appeal to the young people to join the SSB and serve the nation. 

Panchayat member Ramashish Mahato, Vijay Yadav, Ashok Shah, Dinkar Shah and Mohd. Nayim were also among the many who attended the meeting.

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