BJP’s State President Dilip Ghosh’s Convoy Stopped In Coochbehar, TMC Holds Protests

The State President of the Bharatiya Janta Party, Dilip Ghosh, was allegedly stopped by the police in the Harinchaura area of Coochbehar today.

It has been found that the state president was travelling to Mathabhanga and Sheetalkuchi with some party leaders and activists around half past ten in the morning today. On reaching Harinchaura, Dilip Ghosh’s vehicle was stopped by the police.

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The police stated that due to the Raas Mela, there were fewer officials who could keep a check on the situation during the time of the state president’s visit.

Moreover, the Trinamool Congress supporters had been protesting while they showed black flags to Dilip Ghosh. The supporters of BJP also retaliated by staging protests; following which a police force had to intervene and control the situation.

Dilip Ghosh then headed back to the party office after an hour. In connection to the incident, he said, “The TMC is scared, that is why they are trying to stop the BJP. But BJP cannot be stopped so easily. The Centre will be informed about what happened here.”

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