BJP held rally against Trinamool

Cooch Behar, 1st August: A protest was staged by BJP against Trinamool Congress by surrounding the Cooch Behar Outpost Police Station for destroying houses and party offices and for beating the BJP workers. The rally commenced from the Cooch Behar District BJP party office and concluded at the Cooch Behar Outpost Police Station where they protested after touring the different areas. The Cooch Behar BJP District President, Malti Rava Roy, the District Secretary, Sanjay Chakraborty and many members were present during the protest.

BJP District President Malti Rava Roy accused the Trinamool Congress supporters of beating the BJP supporters, all over Cooch Behar, and destroying the party offices. She also mentioned that even though the Police were informed about the incidents, no actions were taken against the Trinamool Congress supporters. She also threatened to hold movements on behalf of BJP if no actions are taken against the people involved in the said incident.

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