BJP alleges party office vandalism and assault on workers

Cooch Behar, 13th October: The BJP alleges party office vandalism and assault on BJP workers. The incident took place last night in the Balrampur Colony Bazar area under the Natabari assembly of Tufanganj subdivision. The accusations have risen against the Trinamool Congress in this regard. In the incident, the BJP has also alleged bombing and firing against their workers. However, the Trinamool Congress has denied all the allegations.
The BJP alleges that in the Balrampur Colony Bazar on Saturday night, TMC supporters bombed the BJP party office and also assaulted the people who came in the market along with the BJP worker. 10 people have been injured in the incident. A written complaint has also been lodged in the Tufanganj police station.
At the same time, Abdul Jalil Ahmed, Cooch Behar district vice president of Trinamool Congress, said that the BJP has created an atmosphere of unrest since the Lok Sabha elections. And in turn accused the BJP of bombing the Balrampur market area last night, in which many Trinamool workers were allegedly injured.

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