Bishnubrata Barman becomes President of Cooch Behar District YUVA (Youth) Trinamool Congress

Cooch Behar, 2nd October: Bishnubrata Barman has been made the President of the Coochbehar District YUVA (Youth) Trinamool Congress. He is, currently, the Secretary of the Cooch Behar District Sports Association and has also been associated with Trinamool Congress for a long time. His father, Prasenjit Barman, was also an active member of the Trinamool Congress for a long time. Bishnubrata Barman had been the President of the YUVA (Youth) Congress, earlier.

Many changes have been made after the poor performance of the Trinamool Congress in Cooch Behar district in the Lok Sabha elections. The post of District President was given to Binay Krishna Barman instead of Rabindranath Ghosh and the former MP and the YUVA (Youth) Congress President Partha Pratim Roy was elected as the Working President. Now, Bishnubrata Barman's name has been sent by the State leaders to replace Parth Pratim Roy as the new President of the Trinamool YUVA (Youth) Congress. Bishnubrata Barman stated that he will try to fulfill the responsibility that has been given to him and will try to work together with everyone to strengthen the party.

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