Binay Tamang Pleased With Supreme Court's Decision Of Rejecting Bimal Gurung's Pleas

The current head of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, Binay Tamang, is reportedly pleased with the Supreme Court's decision of rejecting all of Bimal Gurung's pleas.

Speaking to the media about the issue, Binay Tamang said that he took the right decision at the right time solely for the benefit of the hills. 

"Bimal Gurung and Roshan Giri had said that I was against the hills and the Gorkhas. Yet again, it has been proved that Gurung was wrong. The bombings that had been done in the hills in June last year by Bimal Gurung in Gorkhaland's name killed a lot of people, including a police official. There are many cases against him at the district court," is what Binay Tamang said. 

Under Section 32 of the Indian constitution, Bimal Gurung had told the Supreme Court in November last year that his privacy was being violated and that the West Bengal government was conspiring against him. 

Bimal Gurung had requested for an independent investigation in connection to the accusations. But on Friday, the Supreme Court announced that it is rejecting all of Gurung's petitions. 

This decision of the apex court, which came along after four months of hearings, has been welcomed by Binay Tamang and CM Mamata.

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