Bina Sarkar, resident of Siliguri returns to her house after High Court’s direction

Today Bina Sarkar returned home as per the directions given by the High Court. Bina Sarkar is a resident of Deshbandupara of Siliguri. After the death of her husband, Bina Sarkar lived with her brother.

It is alleged that Bina Devi’s brother Bijan Dutta had fired her from the house on November 1, after which she took refuge in her second brother’s house. Bina Devi was getting her treatment by the monies from her pension. On the other hand, when Bijan Dutta removed Bina Sarkar knocked on the high court’s door for justice after her brother removed her from the house.

Eventually High Court directed that Bina Sarkar would remain in the same house and Bijan Dutta and his family could not enter that house. On Tuesday, Siliguri police brought Bina Devi to her house and all the keys of the house were handed over to Bina Sarkar. Bijan Dutt’s opinion was not received in this regard.

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