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Bhutan: A hilarious ride

Bhutan is one of the most beautiful unexplored destinations in the world. With charming valleys, to rich culture and great food, Bhutan is definitely on the top of any traveller’s list.

 However, there is much more than this, about this beautiful country. Bhutan can give you your laughter dose too when you drive on its roads. The funny sign boards that adorn Bhutanese roads, can distract any time, as you will definitely burst into laughter after reading them.

 It is a part of Project Dantak, an Indian government-funded initiative by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) that has “for more than half a century has helped Bhutan’s steady path towards modernisation through construction and development projects.”

The signs are funny, witty and hilarious.

They are in English and also in Dzhongka, Bhutan’s official language.

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