Babul Supriyo to his attacker's mother: I would not harm your son in any way

Kolkata, 22nd September: The atmosphere at Kolkata's Jadavpur University, which has always been in the news for fiery student movements, deteriorated on Thursday when Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests Babul Supriyo arrived to attend the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) program. They were mistreated. Clothes were torn. He was surrounded by a class of students for about six hours. However, it is now reported that even after so much ruckus, Babul Supriyo is not registering an FIR.
The Union minister, on Friday, tweeted a photograph that showed a young man pulling his hair. After the minister’s social media post went viral, the youth's mother, who has been suffering from cancer for the past three years, appealed to the minister to pardon her son and not file an FIR.

Babul Supriyo has assured the mother that he will not cause any harm to her son in any way. Assuring the student's mother, Babul Supriyo said in a tweet, “Please don’t worry, aunty. I would not harm your son in any way. I just want that he takes lessons from his misdeed. I have not lodged any police complaint against anybody, nor did I allow anyone to do so. Shed your worries and get well soon. Take my pronaam."

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