Auto driver hands over 50 thousand rupees to police

Two persons found 50000 rs in an auto and handed it over to the police showing true qualities of honesty. The names of these two people are Deepak Biswas and Mahesh Gupta.

Deepak Biswas said that both of them were traveling in an auto coming from Venus turning from Salugara. In that auto, some boys and others were sitting beside them. The boys got off somewhere, on the way to Venus more turning from Salugara. After this, Deepak Biswas and Mahesh Gupta saw that their feet had a money bag lying beside them. It also had rupees and a voter ID card.

Deepak Biswas and Mahesh Gupta approached the Airview traffic police and handed over the entire amount to the police. On the basis of which the police is investigating the name and address of the youth of Kishanganj, by the voter ID card obtained with the monies.

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